BoostWell™ - Viscosity Improvement

Cold flow oil wells often produce oil at relatively low rates due to their low viscosity. A downhole pump has to “pull hard” to enable flow, which also tends to pull in water high volumes of water. A small boost in temperature will decrease the oil viscosity and simultaneously increases the oil production (by up to 5 times or more) and decrease water production. A custom-designed Salamander BoostWell™ heater deployed in long horizontal cold flow wells can profitably increase oil production and provide this benefit for the life of the well: up to ten years or longer.

BoostWell Viscosity Improvement

BoostWell™ Viscosity Improvement benefits

  • Improves production rates
    Longer effective well length and smaller skin
  • Increases the life expectancy of your pump systems
    Lower viscosity, stable flow rates, and precipitation control
  • Reduces water cut
    Balanced mobility contrast results in less water coning
  • Easy implementation
    Designed for use in new or existing wells
  • Optimizes costs
    Can payout in less than 24 months

Recent advances in drilling technology have enabled ever longer horizontal wells to be drilled enabling cold flow reservoirs that were formerly uneconomic to be developed. These long horizontal cold flow oil wells are ideal targets for Salamander’s BoostWell™ heater technology.

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