Foundry™ - In-situ Conversion Process

Foundry™ In-situ Conversion Process (ICP), In-situ Upgrading Process (IUP), and Hybrid Drive

Salamander’s Foundry™ heater solution uses closely spaced Salamander heater cables to increase temperatures throughout the entire reservoir to extract hydrocarbons from immature kerogen-rich shales or heavy oil and bitumen, generate reservoir drive, and in some systems, rejuvenate production in depleted fields.

Foundry In-situ Applications

Foundry™ benefits

  • Increases recovery factors
    Recovery factors between 50% (ICP) and 75% (IUP) with energy ratios up to 10
  • Reduces or eliminates diluents purchasing
    Produces API gravity between 16°–50°, depending on what is most economically favorable
  • Limits environmental impact
    Often uses existing infrastructure, by-products remain subsurface

In-situ Upgrading Process (IUP)

The Foundry™ In-situ Upgrading Process (IUP) uses Salamander heaters to initiate thermal cracking of heavy oil and/or bitumen in-situ. Due to more uniform heat propagation relative to steam, Foundry™ IUP recovery efficiencies reach as high as 75% with subsurface energy ratios nearing 10 in some cases.

In addition, IUP allows for the control and variation of oil characteristics to APIs between 16° and 50°, which can reduce or eliminate the need for diluents. Downstream costs are further reduced because the Foundry™ In-situ Upgrading Process leaves waste products such as coke, metals, and sulfur in the ground.

In-situ Conversion Process (ICP)

Surface retorting methods for extracting value from immature kerogen-rich shales are neither efficient nor cost effective for depths more than 100 m. But with the Foundry™ In-situ Conversion Process (ICP), these vastly undervalued hydrocarbon resources can be more efficiently converted in-situ through the precise application of heat to recover 50% (by weight) of the organic content of the rock.

Hybrid Drive

Recovery factors of 3%–15% are typical using traditional hydraulic fracturing methods for liquid rich shales (LRS). The Foundry™ Hybrid Drive solution can increase recovery factors to 50% by generating additional hydrocarbons from kerogen. Plus, Hybrid Drive gives first oil quicker by extracting existing oil in the formation before hydrocarbons generated by ICP begin to flow.

Foundry In-Situ Conversion Process

Foundry™ is ideal for the following target formations

  • Kerogen-bearing source rocks with a wide range of hydrocarbon-liquids content
  • Heavy oil plays with challenging geology (both carbonates and clastics) and low recovery factors
  • Depleted plays with insufficient pressure for hydraulic fracturing
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