LinkWell™ - SAGD Acceleration

Establishing a connection between the injection well and the production well is vital in SAGD—the sooner that happens, the sooner the system produces first oil. Salamander’s LinkWell™ heater solution accelerates this connection by inserting Salamander heater cables in both wells prior to steam injection. This approach not only facilitates well pair connection for faster first oil, but also improves the efficiency and conformance of follow-up steam for a more uniform injection rate along the wellbore.

The LinkWell™ solution can be integrated into existing systems or installed ahead of surface steam facilities for easier deployment. LinkWell™ also reduces the amount of water needed for SAGD production, an important consideration as regulations around water usage become more stringent.

LinkWell SAGD Acceleration

LinkWell™ SAGD Acceleration benefits

  • Accelerates SAGD connection
    Faster first oil in SAGD applications
  • Improves production
    Better conformance and sweep profile along a longer length of the wellbore (>750 meters)
  • Optimizes water usage
    Can be installed before steam injection surface facilities
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