Special Applications

Foundry In-situ Applications

Salamander Solutions is your partner who can design and build custom made highly reliable heaters to bring high power (up to 30,000 W/meter) and heat to short intervals, whether downhole or on the surface. These systems are perfect for applications including:

  • Ice or liquid drop-out in high rate gas wells from Joule-Thomson cooling
  • Special downhole or surface applications
  • Well abandonment (SPE Paper 191607)
  • Downhole steam generation/steam quality improvement
  • Special Process Heating and heat exchangers
  • High temperature transfer/product lines

Unique and unrivalled characteristics of our heaters include:

  • Operating Temperature up to 1200F/650C
  • Built-in and seamless (no external splices) cold leads to ensure heater connections are reliable
  • Withstand extreme high pressures and pull forces
  • Alter power and heat along specific sections of the same system cable, including heated sections “spaced-out” by cold leads
  • Use in compact spaces

The Salamander team of experts has expertise in Reservoir, Well, process, and pipeline heating to help solve your most challenging problems. Salamander’s self-owned manufacturing facility and extensive deployment history ensure the utmost quality and reliability of its products.

Consulting Services

A complete suite of services designed to increase production well-by-well or across your entire reservoir.

Consulting Services
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