StreamWell™ - Flow Assurance

The continual build-up of solids, such as wax, sulfur, and hydrates, can put a strain on artificial lift systems, which can in turn significantly impact production rates. To mitigate the formation of these solids, Salamander developed the StreamWell™ Flow Assurance solution. Using Salamander’s heater cables in vertical or lateral sections of producing wells to precisely control wellbore temperatures, StreamWell™ keeps temperatures high enough to control solids precipitation, but low enough to stay within optimal operating temperatures for equipment and other well materials, resulting in a smoother, more reliable flow and longer equipment life.

StreamWell Flow Assurance

StreamWell™ Flow Assurance benefits

  • Eliminates solids precipitation
    Consistently maintains temperatures above critical but below maximum operating temperatures
  • Improves flow
    Prevents solids from compromising artificial lift
  • Easy implementation
    Designed for new or existing wells
  • Optimizes costs
    Can payout in less than 12 months, and offsets the need for chemical injection and/or mechanical interventions
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