Salamander heaters – deepwater and subsea game changer

Having recently been awarded a contract to complete the qualification of its subsea flowline heating system (click here to download Press Release pdf), Salamander’s HIGH PERFORMANCE heaters can address plugging (hydrate/wax) issues in the Deepwater/Subsea environment at lower capital and operating costs.

SubseaEnable™ – When installed on new flowlines, SubseaEnable™ eliminates hydrates and wax plugging and enables alternative subsea architectures (including lower cost vertical wells), giving flexibility in field planning and risk reduction. Long offset fields (beyond 30 km) are enabled, capturing stranded volumes.

SubseaExtend™ – When added on existing flowlines, SubseaExtend™ eliminates hydrates and wax plugging, allows fields to operate to lower abandonment rates (capturing significant volumes), and reduces high chemical and other operating costs.

SubseaRecover™ – When temporarily installed on existing flowlines that have become plugged, SubseaRecover™ can remove the plug without physical intervention in the pressure integrity system. This makes plug removal safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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