Salamander heater cable technology

Salamander has developed the next leap forward in heater cable technology, delivering a more robust and reliable solution capable of operating at higher temperatures, higher power, and at greater lengths than previously considered possible.

Salamander’s heater cable technology represents decades of advanced material science research, exhaustive field testing, and specialized industry experience. At the heart of every Salamander heater is a medium-voltage mineral insulated (MI) electrical cable with a stainless steel sheath, developed specifically to provide unprecedented heat injection levels over continuous long- or short-term deployments.

We go the distance

Our heater cables are designed to reach farther than traditional technologies, providing up to 3 MW of power over 3 km of continuous heated length when installed in wells and over 30 km of continuous heated length in subsea applications.

Salamander’s cables also last longer, designed to handle harsh downhole conditions at full power and maximum temperature for ten years or more—well beyond the current industry standard.


Versatile by design

Salamander’s heater cables can be manufactured as a single continuous length, which eliminates the need for splices in heated cable sections.

If a deployment calls for varying heat injection along the length of the cable, then core materials and/or cable size can be modified inline utilizing Salamander’s proprietary internal splice technology. End terminations have also been developed specifically to withstand full operating temperatures, which minimizes the number of components in the overall assembly while increasing the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of downhole heat delivery.

All of this adds up to a heater cable solution like no other—a single technology with multiple applications, from viscosity improvement and flow assurance to in-situ conversion and SAGD acceleration.

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