Salamander Solutions’ suite of heater cable offers the most comprehensive solutions and services available today, from reservoir modeling and well potential analysis to turnkey heater design, manufacturing, deployment, and control. For select cases, these solutions and services can include extended payment terms, leasing options and/or value-based-contracts or risk-sharing-agreements.

Well, Reservoir and Facilities Consulting Services

Reservoir Modeling

Reservoir models which use proprietary descriptions of fluid and rock properties to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for the subsurface needs of the customer, quantifying benefits of Salamander heaters

Production Uplift and Reservoir Monitoring

Review of production increases and reservoir response relative to models for up-to-date production forecasts

Integrated Deepwater Optimization

Review of full system value improvements enabled by Salamander heaters, including well layout, subsea manifold locations, flowline optimizations, and topside impacts to provide robust flow assurance solutions that maximize customer benefits

Heater System Services


Fully customized heater cables, surface equipment, and control systems to meet customer requirements


Existing factory for quick turnaround or localized manufacturing for large-scale requirements

Heater Assembly

Available on-site or before delivery


Custom coiled tubing, assembly, deployment equipment, and on-site support


Low-cost, next-generation control systems developed based on years of Salamander operating experience


Full-time surveillance, servicing, troubleshooting, and follow-up available