Salamander. Taking heater cable technology farther.

Salamander sets the new standard for in-ground heater technology. We partner with oil companies and interests worldwide to dramatically increase performance in existing wells, and we create opportunities to recover vast hydrocarbon resources previously considered unviable.

We do this through the deployment of advanced HVMI™ heater cable technology backed by a complete suite of reservoir consulting services and decades of experience, all in one new, innovative company.

Salamander core values

Technology and innovation drive us forward—but it is our core values that guide everything we do.

  • Vision
    We have created something that no one thought possible—something that can, and will, drastically change the oil industry.
  • Expertise
    We understand the applications of electric heater cable technology better than anyone else.
  • Integrity
    Our solution is proven, and we are confident in our ability to deliver precisely what we promise.
  • Significance
    What we’re doing as a company matters; it matters to us, and it can make a real difference in the world.
  • Partnership
    We share the same goals as our clients, and it is with their trust and cooperation that our solutions are made possible.
Consulting Services

A complete suite of services designed to help you increase production well-by-well or across your entire reservoir.

Consulting Services
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