Increase Oil Output and Reduce Footprint

We bring the heat; you produce more oil.

Clean, reliable electric heater cable technology lowers cost per barrel.
Production Increase
Continuous Subsea Heat

Onshore Production is Enhanced by Reliable Heat.

Salamander heater cables can operate at higher temperatures, higher power, and at greater lengths than previously possible. Rugged and reliable, the heaters can outlast the life of the field. Our technology is grounded in 20 years of advanced material science research, exhaustive field testing, and industry experience.

Subsea Technology Extends Field Life.

Salamander’s heater cables can be used over distances up to 80km (2 circuits) and have no depth limitations. Our technology can prevent or remove plugs in new or existing flowlines, eliminate chemical use, and lower capital expenditures and operating costs.

Efficient Product, Lower Carbon Emissions, and Fewer Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks.

Lower environmental footprint and increased safety:

  • Long tie backs reduce the need to build new host platforms
  • Eliminate chemicals for flow assurance
  • Increased efficiency of steam operations reduce CO2 and water usage per barrel