Salamander Solutions and Tatweer Petroleum Announce Electric Heater Project

April 14, 2021 – SALAMANDER SOLUTIONS INC is pleased to announce the award of a sales contract by Tatweer Petroleum to design and supply an electric downhole heater system for use in a production well at the Rubble field in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“We are excited to work with Tatweer Petroleum on a successful downhole heater application” said Salamander CEO Ben van den Brule. “Over the years Tatweer has developed a solid technology track record and demonstrated a will to look into the future and become an industry innovator. Downhole electric heating has demonstrated success not only by enhancing the production of viscous oil, but also by improving the recovery factor of reserves with relative low investment costs. Salamander is uniquely positioned to manufacture and deploy an unprecedented combination of long length, high power heaters. We believe this project will prove that despite the current highly competitive GCC environment, working together with Tatweer we can create a compelling innovation case that can be replicated in Bahrain and across the Middle East,” added Mr. van den Brule.

“We at Tatweer are enthused with this project, it ties well with our strategy to implement technology to maximize production and recovery” said Mr. Ali Mohamed (Heavy Oil Asset Manager). “Tatweer has been pioneering the use of novel thermal methods and implemented electrical wellbore heaters in the Rubble field for over 20 Years, during this period the technology has improved significantly, we have built a wealth of knowledge that will help us bringing a radical change to the way heavy oil fields are operated and produced”, added Mr. Ali Mohamed.